OpenSXCE - An open-source enterprise-class highly scalable OS for Developers and System Administrators


@@@@@ UPDATE April 21st 2015: All OpenSXCE src code will be publicly released together with OpenSXCE2015.05 x86/x64 and SPARC itself ASAP in May/June 2015. @@@@@





OpenSXCE @@@@@ UPDATE March 30th 2015 - NOW WITH FLASH-support!!! FireFox 37 x86 OpenSolaris snv_130 or higher (incl. OpenIndiana, Solaris11.0-11.2 etc.): And p.s.: HTML5 videos and sound do work now, quite stable at that!@@@@@ ##### New OpenSXCE x86/x64 and SPARC still in development!!! Focus this time: new userland bits straight from Oracle. OpenSXCE stays based on Illumos and Oracle for now. ##### 2014.05 is an enterprise-class OpenSolaris-based server and desktop-oriented operating system distribution. OpenSXCE runs primarily on Intel CPU-compatible and Sun UltraSPARC sun4u/sun4v-compatible 32-bit & 64-bit computers. Both GNOME and IceWM are provided with major applications like Firefox 29, Thunderbird29, GIMP, OpenOffice, Pidgin, Time Slider, DTrace, Rhythmbox, Ekiga, Oracle Solaris Studio 12.x professional C/C++ compiler, and selected GNOME-based desktop applications. Using a world-class file system called ZFS that can handle up to 16 exabytes of data and using highly scalable paravirtualization technology, OpenSXCE is one of the most advanced open source OS distros in the world!

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